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Critical inventory

What is a critical item, why identify it and how to track it

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Don't be like him... find out what really matters!

More seriously, since caviar and celery do not have the same impact on the profitability of an establishment once expired, misused or worse... stolen 😬, here is how to track the inventory items that are more critical (either they have an higher cost than the average or they are regularly purchased and they have a large volume).

Piecemeal provides you with a simple button to identify, regroup and analyze the most valuable items for your establishment. This makes it possible to reduce a count to a shorter list and to follow the evolution of these inventory items more closely.

Steps to follow:

To mark an inventory item as critical, in the inventory items page, select one of the item's file, then you will find the line "Critical inventory" (just above Storage!). Simply put “yes” and save the page. That's it!

Subsequently, in a count, we will find the same button, which is just waiting to be activated to filter and make visible only the critical items. Remember to check which storage is currently selected if there is no item displayed.

In conclusion, tracking your critical inventory items to allow you to understand and reduce waste will - almost - be a piece of cake 🎂 and improve your profitability.

One last thing to dazzle you: you can, when you analyze and control your variances, see the critical elements first: just click on the column title to reorder them like this!

Pro tip 💪:

You can batch edit multiple items at once to mark them as critical. This will save you a ton of time in some cases.

To recap, there are 3 methods of identifying inventory items as being critical:

  1. Inside an item's file;

  2. In the Variance Control page which presents the items counted in your 2 most recent counts, with the button in the last column.

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