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How to create a new inventory count
How to create a new inventory count
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Doing inventory counts will not only help you have a clearer view on the on-hand inventory but will also allow you to get variance control.

Create a count

When on the Counts Main Screen, select the green button New Count. Then a pop-up will ask you the date & time for the count you are creating. An Opening Count happens before any sales, produce receiving or prep. A Closing Count happens after the days activity (sales, produce receiving or prep). 

Once the count is created it will automatically save the information for you. 

Select the Storage

The first thing you will have to do next is select the storage you wish to add or modify a count. Those can be accessed via the tabs situated here: 

Piecemeal promotes shelf to sheet inventory counting. This is why to do a count you need to select the storage first, then start counting that said storage. 

Using filters

Next, you can filter the inventory item list by critical inventory, category, sub-category. This allows you to have a narrower list of items so that you can do your counts quicker. 

Now you can input your count data directly in the list below. 

For more information here is our article on : Doing a count

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