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How to count a recipe

Counting a prepped item

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Doing inventory counts of inventory items is very easy. Counting prepped item or recipes is just as easy !

Let's take for example a batch of spaghetti sauce that is prepped and ready to be served to your clients. That 20L of sauce needs to be accounted for in your daily, weekly or monthly inventory count. It would be too complicated to calculate how many KG of tomatoes are needed to make that 20L of sauce...Instead, Piecemeal allows you to enter the amount of prepped recipe counted directly in its the inventory count feature.

First, make sure you have created a count. Once inside the count, head over to the Recipe tab. From there, you will see a list of all the recipes you created.

You can start counting the amount of prepped items/recipes just the same as you would with inventory items.

The unit of measurements presented come from your recipe yield information.

The total value of your recipes counted will be presented in the See Breakdown section.

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