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Inventory Counts Using Barcodes with the App
Inventory Counts Using Barcodes with the App
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The Future is Now! 🤖

Barcode inventory taking requires first that you have associated the codes to your products and, second, that you have created an inventory count.

Searching by code facilitates your data entry, while avoiding the need to manually search for item names and select similar... but different products.

Let's rock & roll!

Here's how to enter your inventory counts using bar codes:

  1. In your count, after selecting the storage where the item you want to search is located (Bar? Office? Stockroom?), press the search barcode icon:

  2. Enter the quantity of the actual amount and save your entry by pressing the green checkmark ✅.

  3. If the next item that appears is not the one you want, you can either:

    1. Make a new search by barcode; this time, using the blue button 🔵, to the right of the green checkmark.

    2. Navigate between the items on your list using the arrows ⬅ / ➡.

The steps, as seen on the application:

If the following error message appears, what to do?

Two possibilities:

  1. The barcode of the item you scanned is not yet associated with the item. You must add the code by accessing the Additional options ( ) of the inventory items page.

  2. The barcode search was carried out in a storage space that does not contain the item. You just have to redo the manipulation by first selecting the appropriate storage.

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