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How to Attach Barcodes & QR Codes to Your Inventory Items
How to Attach Barcodes & QR Codes to Your Inventory Items
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Why work with barcodes and/or QR codes? To avoid crossings of similar products and to prevent errors when taking inventory! (Oh! And to save you time, of course! ⌛)

However, remember that an inventory item must already exists in order to associate its code with the application.

Here's how to associate the codes to each of your inventory items:

  1. After logging into the application, go to the Inventory module by clicking on the 2nd icon at the bottom of the screen and select the Inventory page, at the very top.

  2. At the top of the screen, locate the Additional options icon ( ) to the left of the funnel and magnifying glass. Choose Manage QR and Barcodes at the top of the list of options.

  3. Browse among your items (remember to filter by category or sub-category to narrow the list!) and click on Scan Product so that the application activates your device's camera.

  4. When the code has been successfully registered on the platform, the label under the item name will change from blue to green, with the mention Product Scanned.

Note: access to this option is only possible via the app.

The steps, as seen on the application:

P.S. Have you noticed that codes can also be associated with your recipes? We make it easy for you by giving you the option of generating a code that you can print. 🤯

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