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How to link an invoice item to an inventory item
How to link an invoice item to an inventory item

Crucial step to update the quantities and prices of your inventory items by associating your purchases with the ingredients

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Why tear your hair out over the endless data entry of invoices?

Do not panic! Piecemeal recognizes purchased inventory items and it saves you time and hair. But is it magic? 🧙‍♂️ Almost!

Once your invoices have been imported, you will need to link each of the items purchased and present on your invoices to your inventory items. This step will allow the system to understand exactly what was purchased, when, at what price and in what quantity. Without it, you won't be able to track your inventories.

Linking an invoice item to an existing inventory item

Piecemeal is able to read the characters on an invoice... very practical for listing all the items purchased at once! The product description is presented to you in each framed box. It is this description that we will link to one of your inventory items.

In one of the invoices, locate the small chain to the right of the description in the right column: it is this icon that indicates whether the item is linked.

  • In blue, it must be linked.

  • In green it is already done.

By clicking on the chain, a window will appear with a search bar. This is where you can enter the name of the item you are looking for, if it already exists. Once selected, the page of the item in question will open. It's time to check if it's the right item and the right format*. Then click “Save” (the big green button).

And now, voila!

Linking an invoice item to a new inventory item

If it turns out that the item in question does not yet exist in your list, it can simply be created directly from the invoice!

After clicking on the blue chain, a window will open. Then, click on the green “New” button. This will create a new inventory item page with the description read from the invoice; feel free to modify it to your liking. Thereafter, you fill it the details of the record as for any other new inventory item.

Please pay particular attention to the purchase format* and price. When done, click “Save”. And now your item is linked to your invoice!

It's so simple! And you only have to do it once per item. This link will apply to all previous and future invoices, as long as the product description is identical from one invoice to another.

There you go, you will be able to keep what you have left of your hair! 💅

* Make sure you have the correct purchase format ⚠️:

To do this, validate in the item's sheet if it is the same purchase format as what is indicated on the invoice. If multiple purchasing formats from a same supplier exist, a new prompt will ask you to confirm which one it is.

In addition, if this is the first time you have purchased this item from a supplier, it is essential to enter the new purchase format in the item sheet. Without this step, it will be impossible to accurately track your inventory.

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