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How to import an invoice
How to import an invoice
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To import an invoice, head-over to the Invoices module. From here you'll be able to click on the green button "New Invoice". You'll then need to select if you wish to upload a PDF, a picture file or manually add the invoice.

Listed below are 4 ways to upload an invoice to Piecemeal.

Importing a Digital PDF

This is the best way to ensure the highest rate of success at reading the purchased items on your invoices. Ask your suppliers if they can provide a digital PDF copy of your invoice either by email or inside their purchasing platform.

Uploading a Scan of Your Invoices

Using a scanner, you can easily scan your invoices into a single file. Even if that file consists of multiple page invoices from different suppliers, Piecemeal will sort it out automatically. Using your computer, you'll be able to upload that single file directly to Piecemeal.

This method is great if you have invoices that were previously folded or wrinkled. Scanning them will ensure the system can read them more easily.

Taking a Picture of the Invoice

Using your mobile phone or tablet, take a picture of the invoice. Make sure the page is flat, centred and located on a high contrast backdrop. Once you have snapped all your invoices, head over to Piecemeal to upload them.

Adding the Invoice Manually

Some invoice won't be recognized by the platform. Thermal prints, stained or partially missing invoices will not be easy to upload. This is where manually adding an invoice comes in.

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