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How to create a new recipe

Create, add ingredients, add sub-recipes, add steps

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NOTE: In order to create a recipe, you will need create or have at least one inventory item. Click the link to learn how to do that in Piecemeal. 

New recipe

While on the Recipe main page, just press the “New Recipe” green button on the right-hand side. This will open a window to enter information for a new recipe. 

Enter the following information:

Basic information 

  • Description: give it a name that you will recognize. Be specific.

  • Categories: Select what category this recipe falls under; appetizer, entree, dessert, sub-recipe. 

  • Allergens: Here the platform tells you the allergens present in your recipe. These are icons that will appear if inventory items -that have been manually identified with allergies- are present in the recipe as ingredients. See how to manage allergens here.

Adding Ingredients

From the drop-down search bar, select the item to add. Then enter the quantity for the recipe.

Then use the green + sign under the ingredient to add another ingredient. Follow the indications found in step 1 and repeat for as many items as you have in the recipe. 

If the ingredient you wish to add is not there, it means that it has not yet been created, here is a tutorial for that. If the unit of measurement you need is not available, make sure you have filled the conversion tool in that inventory item. 

PRO TIP: You can add recipes as ingredients. Imagine the possibilities...


Here you need to select the yield produced by this recipe. Is it in weight ? In volume ? In portions ? All of the above ?

You can select different weights (kilo, grams, ounces, pounds) from the drop-down menu. You can also identify the yield as volume ( options in this drop-down as well) or finally as a serving or portion.

The more information you provide, the more versatile the recipe becomes.


You want to let your staff know how to accomplish this recipe ? Help them by including steps. They can be added, deleted or modified at any moment.


Click SAVE on the upper right corner to make sure you save the recipe to the list. 

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