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How to manage private import wines (Quebec users)
How to manage private import wines (Quebec users)

To properly integrate and track products purchased through private import agencies

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Attention, this article is intended for users based in Quebec.

When determining the cost of your wines, you quickly face a pitfall: privately imported wines. Indeed, the latter have a cost per bottle (part that you pay to the SAQ) and a service charge/representation fee (part paid to the agency). The problem encountered is that you will receive two separate invoices that make up the cost of the same item. Here is what we suggest.

First of all, the SAQ invoice is treated like any other invoice. The purchased inventory item is linked to that of the wine in question. We ensure to fill the proper quantity and cost of the item.

Subsequently, with the agency's invoice, we recommend that you link to a 2nd inventory item which will have the same description as the item paid for at the SAQ, but to add "-IP" (for private import) following this description, so as to differentiate them, but to be able to group them together when filing in alphabetical order.

Finally, when it is time to determine the cost of your bottle in the menu items sold, you only have to add the 2 inventory items that make up the 2 cost elements. For example:

  1. Ingredient 1: CHATEAU PIECEMEAL RED / 750 ml @ $15.00

  2. Ingredient 2: CHATEAU PIECEMEAL RED -IP / 750 ml @ $5.00

Other considerations:

For the 2 inventory items, it is preferable to keep the same category, sub-category and storage, whether for the item paid for at SAQ and for the one with the private import fee.

In this way, an analysis of reports with the Wine category, for example, will include the costs of wines and private import charges, which represents the complete picture.

As for the storage, the fact that the two items are stored in the same place makes the count easier, because you will have to fill in the number of bottles, but also this same number for your private import costs in order to capture the real value of your cellar.

Summary table of the aspects of the management for products with double-part invoicing:

Plateform's pages




Item 1

Item 2
"Chateau -IP"

May 6, no. 2350601

Private agency
May 8, no. 00104

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Total cost =

"Chateau" x 12 bottles
Value = $180.00

"Chateau -IP" x 12 bottles
Value = $60.00

Total value =

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