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Linking a Menu Item to an inventory item or recipe
Linking a Menu Item to an inventory item or recipe

Matching what you have sold with what you have in inventory

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Another crucial step is linking what has been sold to what you have in inventory. Without this step, your sold item will never deplete your inventory items or recipe. You will not be able to get a theoretical inventory, thus not allowing you to get variances

NOTE: Make sure you have uploaded your sales report from your POS to Piecemeal. If you haven't done so, here is our tutorial on how to do it.

Find your Menu Items

It's on your Menu Items page that you will find the list of sold items from your POS. This list consists of sold items that have been ordered and paid by clients through your POS System. You can easily click on them to input information about them. You can use the search bar to access rapidly to specific menu items. 

Basic Information 

  • Description - give it a name easy to recognize and that you won’t mix up with other items

  • POS Item ID - When you create an item in your POS it gives it an ID number. This number should not be touched at the moment.

  • Menus - select what menu this item is a part of. It can be in more than one menu if it has the same price. For example, if a dish is both on the lunch and dinner menu at the same price, you can select both. If they have different prices you’d have to create to menu items one for lunch and one for dinner. 

  • Categories - select what category this menu item falls under: appetizer, Entree, dessert

  • Selling Price - This information comes from the POS, and should not be touched at the moment.

  • Allergens - They will pop up if ingredients present in the Menu Item have allergens. The information needs to be input in the Inventory Items file. Here is a tutorial on how to do it

  • Last Updated - Last time the item was updated


  1. Select your first ingredient, recipe or sub-recipe that is part of this menu item. Select the quantity and unit of measure.

  2. Press the + sign to add the next ingredient, recipe or sub-recipe.

  3. Add as many as needed to complete this menu item

Please note that you can add ingredients, recipes, and sub-recipes so that you can create any time of menu item. For example, an ingredient could be steak, then for the second ingredient, you could select a sub-recipe for a side salad. This way you can easily create and cost every item on your menu. 

Don’t forget to use the green button “SAVE” on the right end corner to ensure that your menu item is saved. 

As you enter the ingredients, recipes or sub-recipes to your menu item you can see the food cost for this item next to the price. 

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