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Managing allergens

How to track allergens in Menu Items, Recipes, Inventory Items

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Piecemeal enables you to track the presence of allergens in your Menu Items, Recipes & Inventory Items. 

In order to get allergens identified in recipes and menu items, the information needs to be confirmed in the inventory items. 

Identifying an Inventory Item containing an Allergen

First, start by opening the file of an Inventory Item. If you scroll down, you will see the allergens section with theses symbols in light grey:

Those are the 14 allergens officially recognized by the European Union in 2014. You will find more information about them here.

The first time you click on the symbol it will become yellow and the second time, it will become red.

Color Code
Grey =  Does not contain the allergen (no click)
Yellow = May contain the allergen (1 click)
Red = Contains the allergen (2 clicks)

Once you have identified the allergen, click the save button.

The recipes or menu items using this inventory item will now flag the allergens that are present.

NOTE: Identifying allergens can save lives. Doing it requires attention to detail and seriousness. Your team will use it to identify what a client can and can't eat. Be careful.

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