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How to upload your POS sales reports
How to upload your POS sales reports

Import a POS sales report and upload it to Piecemeal

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This step is crucial if you wish to get great variance control and food costs analysis.

Luckily, Piecemeal allow's you to update your sales automatically when uploading a daily sales report from your POS system. 

"What kind of report do I need ?"

Your POS System should provide you with the possibility of downloading a Daily Sales Report per Item Sold. 

That reports lists all the item that you have sold within one day of business. 

Piecemeal needs to know 5 specific data from that report : 

  • POS Item ID Usually a unique number created by your POS system referencing to the sold item

  • Menu item description

  • Menu item sale price

  • Quantity sold

  • Total $ amount

The sales needs to be an .xlsx or .csv type file

Here is how to upload it

While being on the "Sales" page, select the second tab named "Menu Items Sold"

Here you will find a green button "Import from POS" you can click on it. Your computer will now ask you to select a file to upload. Upload the file. 

Not working ? 

Contact our support team at if you have any problems

Chat with us directly via our chatbox (bottom right)

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