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Receive Supplier PDF Invoices directly into your account
Receive Supplier PDF Invoices directly into your account

Automatically receive all PDF sent by email into your Piecemeal Account

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Are your suppliers sending their invoices as PDF by email?

Want them to get automatically uploaded to your Piecemeal account?

Keep reading!

Every Piecemeal location has a dedicated email address that serves one purpose: receive PDF files and upload them...This means Piecemeal can literally integrate itself with any supplier that sends invoices via email!

How does it work

Inside your Location Settings, locate the Integrations box.

There you will find the Supplier Invoices feature and your location's dedicated Piecemeal address.


It's this email address that you can copy and share with your supplier. They can then add this email address as a secondary recipient to all their invoice communications headed your way.

From that point on, whenever your supplier sends your invoices, they'll accumulate in your Piecemeal account and will require you to process them.

Process your invoices

When new invoices arrive into your account you'll see a blue header appear.

To finalize the upload, simply click on Process Now and the system will import them.


  • If you are not receiving your invoices, make sure your supplier has the correct email address.

  • If you manage more than one location, be cautious and make sure you are sharing the correct Piecemeal email address for the correct location.

  • Only PDF files can be processed by the system.

  • It's possible that account statements, updated price lists, transaction statements will get uploaded to Piecemeal, you'll simply be able to ignored/delete them if you wish.

  • If you run into issues, just let us know through the chat and our team will help you!

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