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How to import an invoice manually
How to import an invoice manually

Manually add a supplier invoice

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Restaurants can sometimes be a magical land where things appear and disappear. Sometimes invoices delivered by suppliers vanish and are no where to be found. Luckily, you don't need the to worry because you can add manual invoices to your database. 

NOTE: If you have the physical invoice with you, we suggest you check out this tutorial to import an invoice with a picture or pdf .

How to add an invoice

When on the Invoices page, click on the green button “NEW INVOICE” , then select the “Add Manually” option.

This will open a window allowing you to enter the invoice manually. 

Basic information

  1. Date: the date of the invoice

  2. Supplier: Name of the supplier

  3. Invoice number

  4. The invoice total will be added from the items you enter below. 

  5. The “Date added” is produced automatically with the date of when you are entering it. 

  6. The “Last Updated” date is taken automatically from the date of the last change in the record for this invoice.


  1. Click on the + button to add the first item

  2. Enter the description as per the invoice 

  3. Click the “LINK” button to link this item to an existing item from the inventory item list

  4. Enter the unit price as per the invoice

  5. Enter the quantity as per the invoice

  6. Verify the total matches the invoice

  7. Click the + button to add the next item. 

Make sure the invoice total entered matched the one on the invoice

Click “SAVE” to ensure the invoice details will be entered in Piecemeal. 

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