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How to send an order

Share a new order to a supplier via email

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Piecemeal allows you to prepare an order and facilitates sending it to your supplier.

Sending an order to a Non-Piecemeal Partner

  1. To place an order with a supplier, simply create a new order by pressing the green “New Order” button.

  2. Thereafter, you must choose the supplier in question and create an order. Once the order is open, we can add the products that are already in our account (purchased previously and link to an inventory item).

  3. Once the right quantities have been added, all that remains is to send it by pressing the green “Send order” button. Another window will open with the name of your contact at this supplier and his email address (if this is not the case, you can fill in this information in the supplier section of the purchase page).

  4. You can also edit the text in your email as needed. For example, indicate that the reception can be done between 8:00am and 11:00am.

  5. Finally we hit the "Send" button! 📨

And here are the same steps on mobile as well:

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