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Introduction to the order screen
Introduction to the order screen
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In Piecemeal, you can send orders to suppliers if they are Piecemeal Partners or not. The main order screen will show you all the on-going and past orders to your suppliers.

New Order

Clicking the green button ''New Order'' will allow you to create a new order. Check out our Help Center article on How to create a new order.

Export or Print

To export or print a summary of your orders, simply click on the three little dots left of the ''New Order'' button. (Export will be done in the .CSV format which allows you to use it in Excel or Google Sheets)

Orders main table

Here you will find all the orders past, present or future that you have prepared or sent to your suppliers.

To easily sort through your orders, you might want to filter them using the supplier search bar.

To know in an instant what order you will be receiving when you can sort the orders using the date filter

Send, Print or Delete an Order

Hovering over an order will allow you to see three icons on the far right of the order line. The first icon(paper plane) will allow you to prepare a text summary of the order to send it to your supplier. Check out this article on How to send an order. Click the second icon(printer) to print that specific order. Finally, click on the third icon(trash bin) if you want to delete that order.

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