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Introduction to the "Recipes" main screen
Introduction to the "Recipes" main screen

Create, manage, print, delete recipes

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On this page, you will find 2 tabs. Here is a brief description of them: 


On the main page, you see a list of your recipes with the following information name of the recipe, the total cost, the yield and the date for the last time this recipe was updated. 

While hovering over a recipe, 3 icons appear to the far right of it. These allow you to do 3 distinct actions: 

  • Make a copy of a recipe - useful if you need a recipe copied and lightly modified

  • Print a recipe

  • Delete the recipe 


These are recipe categories such as Appetizers, Main course, dessert, entrees, lunch, breakfast, etc. We provide you with a list of categories but you can always add some that fit your restaurant. 

New Recipe

If you want to create a new recipe just press the “New Recipe” green button on the right-hand side. This will open a window to enter information for a new recipe. Check out our How to create a new recipe tutorial

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