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How to factor in yield & waste
How to factor in yield & waste

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Yield is the amount of product you are left with after it has been processed. 

Your staff transforms certain products that you receive in the raw form into recipe-ready ingredients. By doing so, they will often generate waste. That waste has been bought by your establishment. It needs to be tracked and priced in correctly to have have accurate menu costing.

A raw potato will need to be peeled in order for you to transform it into a velvety potato purée. Doing so, you will lose on average 20% of the weight in waste (peels) and have 80% of usable produce (cleaned potatoes)

In Piecemeal, you are able to factor in that waste through the use of your Recipe Yields.

Let's take for example a whole skin-on salmon fillet that you need to de-skin, trim, clean and portion for service. The raw fillets weigh 7.60 KG. You trim and skin them, and observe that the finished weight is now 5.6 KG and you created 40 portions. You have lost 2 KG of skin and trimmings. 

Traditionally you would need to calculate your waste to price it in your final processed product price. Those days are over, with Piecemeal all you need is to create a recipe that has a final yield. 

Using the portioned salmon example, you would need to create a recipe naming it "Salmon / Portioned".  In ingredients you would need to pull your raw salmon inventory item. Then you would simply need to inscribe in yield how much you are left with and how many portions you created. 

Here is how to do it:  

Doing so, "Salmon / Portioned" has all the trimmings factored in the unit price.
From now on you could use "Salmon / Portioned" in your recipes and menu items.


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