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How to quickly add multiple Inventory Items
How to quickly add multiple Inventory Items

How to import a list of items from a file

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to add multiple Inventory Items at once. If you wish to add only half a dozen items, we recommend you check out our How to create an Inventory Item tutorial

To start, head over to your inventory main page and click on the three little dots and select ''Import using our template''. Next, click to download our template. If nothing happens after you clicked, make sure your browser is not blocking the download. 

Open the document with either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets 

The document should look like this:

Here you can start filling out the document with the items you wish to add. Make sure you take your time to fill it correctly.

Once you are finished, make sure you save it. 

Then, go to your Inventory Item main page and click the three little dots and select import from our template. Next, click on the ''Select file'' button. Your computer will ask you to select the file you have worked on. 

Double click on it and voilà ! 

If you are experiencing problems, contact us through the chat for assistance.

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