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How to integrate with Veloce POS
How to integrate with Veloce POS

How to connect your Veloce POS to Piecemeal to receive your sales and items sold directly in Piecemeal

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If you are a Veloce user, integrating with Piecemeal will allow you to automatically sync all sales data.

To move forward, however, it is required that your venue has access to Veloce Cloud, or request it from your reseller beforehand.

Here's how:

Simply contact our team to request it, either via chat 💬, or by sending us an email.

This integration requires you to communicate with us, to allow us to trace a location code that is not visible online. To do this, we will need a Veloce Cloud connection ID (it is possible to create one reserved for us, so as not to reveal your passwords to us...). 🔌

Once activated, we will of course notify you and the confirmation will be visible in the settings!

Looking forward to making your job easier!

Once your menu items will be synced with Veloce, you will then be able to link your menu items to your inventory items or recipes.

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