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Insert the same ingredients that are already present in another menu item or recipe

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In many cases, the same menu item can exist in different variations, either because it is offered at different prices for different times of the day, or because it is served in another way (for example, a BLT sandwich sold in the dining room could also be present in the POS under another revenue center or under another name when prepared for delivery or take-out).

To avoid having to start from scratch the list of ingredients, the "Import Ingredients" function comes to your aid!

Here's how:

  1. From a menu item or a recipe (you must be in one of them!), click on the three small dots ( ) to the left of the green "Save" button.

  2. At the bottom of the list, choose "Import Ingredients".

  3. In the contextual menu that appeared, select the other menu item or the other recipe (see note at the bottom) from which the ingredients will be imported.

*Warning: if you are working from a new menu item or recipe that has not yet been saved, you will need to save the item first to make the function available.

NOTE: Importing ingredients is possible for the following scenarios only.

  • From a menu item

    • Another menu item

    • A recipe

  • From a recipe

    • Another recipe

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