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How to use the “Sections” and “Work Area” options in the schedule
How to use the “Sections” and “Work Area” options in the schedule

Have a better view of you schedule - separating roles and work area

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Creating sections to see clearer

Once you’ve created a schedule and you enter the scheduling screen, you will need to define the sections so that you associate employee roles with the current schedule.
This will give you a more efficient schedule

What are sections ? 

Basically sections will divide your schedule into one or multiple role-specific sections. For each section you will need to specify roles that they will include. 

For example if you only have one schedule that includes service employees, kitchen employees and managers you only need one section. But you could have a section for service, a section for the kitchen and a section for management. 

Here is a quick step: 

Click:  Options > Manage Sections

Add the roles you want associated with that section

For example, if you create a section called service. Underneath the section name you can add roles. These are the roles described in the employee file. 

So for the service section, you could add “Servers”, “Bartenders”, “Hostesses”, etc. Now each employee that has one of these roles defined in their file will appear in this section of the schedule. Once they appear you can create shifts for them.

Attention: If your employees don't show up, it simply means this role is not associated with them in their employee files.

You can also create a section for anything you want.

What is "Work Area" ? 

The “Work Area” option will come in handy if you need to specify which location your employee will work at. 

Mary may be scheduled under the kitchen section for the shift. But you need to add that she will work the “Salad Station”. So you can create work areas and then add them to when you schedule a shift for an employee. 

Here is a quick step:

Click: Options > Manage Work Areas

Create as much areas as you want and set the color for each one of them

Associate an employee shift with one of your work areas 

While “Work Areas” can make a schedule crowded, it can also be very useful if you are managing a large group and it is important to have them in the right position. 

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