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How to schedule a shift for an employee
How to schedule a shift for an employee
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Once you’ve created a schedule, added sections and define who works in each section you can go to the main schedule screen. 

From here you can see employees on the left of the schedule. If you go in the box for a specific day, a pen icon will appear. Click on it, a pop up will open. Click on the + sign and the window will appear for you to create a shift. 

Select the beginning and end time for the shift. After select which role this employee will do from the left drop down. And if you wish to select a “Work area” do it in the second drop down.

If you are done click save. If you need to add a second shift on the same day to the same employee, click + sign again and add a second shift. 

Click save to enter the shift in the schedule. You can now see the shift details with the total amount of hours worked for that day by this employee. 

On the left under the employee name, you can always see how many hours this employee is scheduled during this week. 

Quick feature "COPY" and "MOVE" shifts

Once a shift is scheduled, you can “COPY” or “MOVE” them by dragging them to another day. When you drag the shift to a different day the system will ask you if you want to COPY or MOVE. Select the option appropriate for you. You can also COPY and MOVE shifts between employees. This is a great way to create schedules quickly.


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