Under the Human resources section on the menu on the left side of the platform, you will find the Requests button. Once you click on it you will be taken to the main page that shows you all requests that are in the system. 

For each request, you get a list with the following information: 

  • Employee Name

  • Days to Request: the number of days between today and the day this request is for  

  • Dates Requested: the date of the request    

  • Dates Requested: the date of the request    

  • Submitted On: When the request was submitted

  • Status: the current status of the request; In review, Approved or Declined

You can sort any of the columns in alphabetical or numerical order by clicking on the headers of each column. 

To add a request, click on the green button New Request, an check out this video tutorial

Clicking on a request will pop-up this page:

There you will see the details and you will have the ability to change the status of the request.

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