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How to add suppliers

Creating records for suppliers where we stock up

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Under the Purchasing module, select the “Suppliers” button. On this main screen, you can see a list of suppliers you have already entered. And a quick view that shows the name of the supplier, the status (active or inactive), the order minimum, when the next order date is and when was the last invoice received (clickable to access it directly! 🔗).

To add a new supplier click on the green button called “New Supplier” on the right-hand side. 📇

Basic information

  1. Name: name of the supplier

  2. Address: address of the supplier

  3. Minimum Order: most suppliers have a minimum order amount for delivery, enter it here so we can help ensure that you meet minimum when preparing orders.

  4. Delivery days: what days do they deliver to you. This way you will have a calendar view in each new order to clearly see when the next delivery from a specific supplier is.

  5. Active: toggle the yes or no to show if the supplier is active or not.


  1. Contact name: enter the name of your contact or representative at the supplier.

  2. Phone number of the supplier. Don’t forget to add the extension number after the phone number.

  3. The email address of the contact.

  4. Note: you can add notes about the contact or supplier, for example "does not work on Friday".

  5. If you have more than one contact, you can click the "+" button and add multiple contacts for the same supplier.

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