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Using PAR levels to generate my orders
Using PAR levels to generate my orders

Automating regular recurring orders with target levels

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After having entered your PAR levels for your inventory items, you will certainly want to be able to order from your suppliers by considering this carefully calculated data. 😌

Let's go back to the example of eggs purchased weekly in the previous article which details the first step required before being able to use the PAR levels. 🐣

Let's say it's Monday, the established order day for your producer, who will then deliver to you on Wednesday.

The recorded PAR level of the inventory item will be used to determine what quantity will be ordered this week (or any other frequency), based on your remaining inventory, i.e. the quantity on hand.

In summary, the creation of a new automated order based on a PAR level will be calculated as follows:

PAR level - Quantity on hand = Order quantity

To know:

  • The quantity on hand being based on the most recent count and adjusted by purchases, sales and waste, it will be preferable to ensure that this information is reliable, even to enter a new count before our orders, so as not to be biased when automate.

  • The quantity of the order can be modified before being sent. It may be best to consider this information as a suggestion that can be adapted as needed; are there any upcoming events that might require a larger amount?; are there any sales/waste not yet filled in, influencing the actual on-hand quantity?

How to create a new order using PAR levels?

  1. From the main orders page, click on the green "New Order" button.

  2. In the overlay window:

    1. Select from the drop-down list the supplier where the order must be prepared.

    2. Leave the "Automate order using par levels" button at Yes

    3. Click the blue "Create" button.

  3. The items that will be displayed in the first tab will have been determined according to any variation beyond the established target level and their calculated quantity will have been rounded up, according to the item's minimum purchase format.

  4. The second tab "My Products (🔢)" will serve you in case additional items are required.

  5. You can now send the order or mark it as sent!

Time to prepare those omelets now! 🍳


  • If you currently purchase different formats of the same item from a supplier, it is the most recently purchased one that will be shown.

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