The attendance module allows you to select any device(computer, tablet, phone) and use it as an employee punch clock or terminal.

To start, simply head over to the Terminals tab inside the Attendance module.

From here you'll be able to create or manage any active terminals.

Adding a new terminal

Click the green button "New Terminal" to create a new one. Then, give it a recognizable name and click "Add".

You can add as many terminals as you want.

Setting the terminal live

Using the selected device you wish to transform into a terminal, login to your Piecemeal account and head over to your Terminals. From here, select the terminal you wish to launch and press the button "Launch". If there are no terminals created yet, do the first step listed above.

This will automatically change your screen into a terminal from which your employees can Clock In & Out using their PIN. You can manage employee PINs directly in your employee personal files.

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