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How to merge the pages of a same invoice
How to merge the pages of a same invoice

When the import accidentally separates the pages of the same document

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Due to different supplier headers and layouts, there are times when importing your invoices separates the pages of the same invoice.

To correct this, we have provided a very simple and fast function! ⚡

Here's how, step by step

  1. In the Invoices screen of the Purchasing module, first make sure that each of the lines you want to combine are dated the same day, otherwise modify the wrong dates so that they all match.

  2. Then select each of the lines of the same document to merge.

  3. In the top menu, the "Merge" button will appear and you just have to click it! You can then save the invoice to finalize everything and exit.

Note: the "Merge" button is only visible when several invoice lines have been previously selected (it is shy, that's all..! 😉). This is what it looks like:

Here is a visual summary of the 3 steps:

Voilà, next!

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