Dashboard is the page that will tell you at a glance how your business is doing and what needs to be done. Basically all the information a manager needs to run it's business


Here is where you will have an insight on your Sales (total sales, the number of guests served and your average check). You will also be able to monitor your prime cost (Food Costs and Labor Costs)

Click on the link above to learn how to get your information

Requires Attention

Here is where Piecemeal will present to you queries that need your attention. It might be a staff asking for a day off, it might be a menu item that is missing an inventory item or recipe link, it might be an invoice you haven't yet approved.

Recent Activity

This box shows the latest modifications/changes you or any user has made in the platform. You can click on the expanding arrows to show more. 


This box enables you to quickly be informed of :

  • The employees working on a specific position

  • Outside weather forecast

  • The events going on today

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